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Inspired from the fact that how a mere three line poem can hold such deep sentiments that can make one escape reality for a while, in this book I have taken photos to illustrate some of my favorite haikus from well known poets as  well as new young poets.

This is a coffee table book having captured frames in which the reader can associate with the mood of the poem accompanied by the photograph and have a visual treat along with the poetic journey.


Name of the book is a self written Haiku.

Group 8145.png
Group 8068.png

A bird hanging on 
the wire at dawn

A beautiful thing glistening 
with bright dewdrops 
this morning feather

Group 8084.png
Group 8077.png

In the emptiness
of this dusty lot
One Broken Brick

Come, blow spirit blow
scatter seeds across this land
make rich harvest grow

Group 8104.png
Group 8138.png
Group 8140.png
Group 8142.png
Group 8144.png
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